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Best Moisturizer with Retinol

Age Intervention Retinol Plus by Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc.

Age Intervention Retinol Plus is among one of the best moisturizers with Retinol in the market. It is a creamy lotion with velvety feel. It is best for normal to dry skin, even though the sensitive skin can tolerate it as well. It is fragrance free. It comes in an opaque pump bottle which is necessary to keep the air and light out, otherwise product becomes unstable, in other words ineffective. The aim of the moisturizer is to help with fine lines, wrinkles, texture and smoothness of the skin. Included are antioxidants, peptides and all goody anti aging stuff that makes the skin soft and smooth. Make sure your skin can tolerate Retinol. If flakiness appears, reduce the usage. Go slow with the treatment. Start with only twice a week and increase as your skin gets adopted to the product. Age Intervention Retinol Plus is a State-of-the-art product so it's definitely worth trying it.

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