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Avalanche of healthy ingredients in a small jar of body butter!

Now let's face it, in the beauty world, skin care products come and go! There is nothing to go crazy about! But once in a while something special comes along and you can’t help but rave about it! A product not from any high end brand but from a lesser known that probably not many would have even heard of. You know what that means, right? No exorbitant prices either! Affordable! So I feel excited to talk about my recent discovery!

Petal Fresh Pure Smoothing Body Butter in Coconut, packed with many organic oils, namely: Safflower Seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Borage Seed oil, Argan Kernel oil and Tea Tree Leaf oil. It also has other exciting ingredients like Shea Butter Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf juice, Arnica Flower Extract and Lemon Fruit Extract!

Now let’s admit it, there are hundreds of body butters out there and although none of us would be able to try them all, in my experience none has come close to the exciting ingredients and formulations that of Petal Fresh Pure Smoothing Body Butter.

It comes in a jar/tub of 8 oz, 237 ml. The jar feels heavy when you hold it. It’s a convenient jar with a metal twist off lid which can be opened easily. When you open the jar, it looks like frozen yogurt or ice cream! You want to dig your fingers in and lick it! It looks yummy! It has beautiful rose color and smooth, silky, creamy texture. Although it has a thick consistency, it takes no time to absorb into the skin and spreads easily without any resistance! It literally melts into the skin without making it feel oily. It has a subtle, delicate smell which I can best describe as buttery with a hint of rose! Surprisingly, it does not have an overpowering and overwhelming smell of coconut. The scent is so clean that it will not give the sensitive nosed a headache like some chemically perfumed moisturizers do.

It instantly makes the skin feel soft and supple. It is hydrating and nourishing to even the most stubborn, dry and rough areas of the body like elbows, knees and heels. You might find yourself touching your skin again and again! It is a match made in Heaven for dry and sensitive skin! Chronically dry skin sufferers will benefit from this unique formula. Sensitive skin sufferers will thank this formula for not containing any chemicals.

This moisturizer will not disappoint those of you who live in dry areas and complain of always finding moisturizers that are too heavily perfumed, thick and greasy. This butter will save your skin in harsh winters and will do wonders when the skin is parched. One of the ways I enjoy this luxurious butter is to take hot shower and then cover up the feet in socks to really let the product sink in overnight and lock in the moisture. With your hands, do not forget to rub it into the skin around the nails, cuticles and massage your fingers and palms of your hands.

When it comes to sensitive skin, this body butter can do a brilliant job! If you are usually allergic to skincare products that have fragrance, whether organic or not, this will not bother your skin and your skin will not react to its ingredients. You will enjoy the effectiveness of this body butter as well as the natural and gentler formula.

For those conscious of not using any moisturizers on their body with synthetic fragrances and artificial ingredients, should take a sigh of relief as Petal Fresh Pure has taken a notice of this demand/need and has come up with many other products with the same natural ingredients. We all should limit the number of chemicals we use on our skin as it is the largest organ on our body and our skin penetrates and absorbs the ingredients found in the lotions, creams, moisturizers we put on our skin. So explore this brand without any fear as this body butter is completely naturally derived and the product is cruelty free, vegan, free of parabens, dyes and colors. I can't wait to try the rest of this line! End of the day, your body will thank you!

Although I really like the tub packaging and the metal twist off lid because it feels very luxurious to use, there is a little negative to it. I wish Petal Fresh Pure would have provided a spatula to use the butter for strictly hygienic reasons. Otherwise, we love this body butter and highly recommend it! Some ideas to explore: It can be a great gift! Make a basket of all assortments of flavors and gift your special ones!

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