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Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Volum'

No doubt Maybelline is one of the most valuable cosmetic brands we have today and it makes amazing products at reasonable and affordable prices. One of the popular products Maybelline sells is their high quality mascaras. But no matter which brand of mascara I have ever used from any high end or drugstore brand, they all tend to clump. Now, I have come to the conclusion that all the mascaras will clump regardless of the claims they make or how high or low the prices would be. This is something we just have to live with as long as we have a desire to improve the look of our eyes. The question would be which ones clumps the least and give us beautiful lashes. Maybelline does fit the bill here!

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Volum' comes in a bright yellow, eye catching color which instantly does its magic, giving long and thick lashes every woman desires! The downside is of course it does clump the lashes. The clumping has to be smoothed out. One of the ways to prevent clumping is to between the coats, give time to each coat to dry out. Once the clumping is taken care of, the end results are long and thick lashes to be flaunted. I do want to point out here that the brush is unusually very big , I would even call it super size, and some of you might have hard time applying the mascara without getting it all over the eyelid. I found it quite difficult to work on the lower lashes because of its enormous size. But if you are comfortable with the size of the brush, you can rest assured you would be happy with the end results. It has a wet texture. One last note, if you do not want a dramatic look on your eyes, go easy on how many coats you apply of the mascara as this does give bold and heavy look on the eyes. Also the more coats you apply, the more clumpy it gets, giving it false lashes look. I would recommend not to exceed more than two coats. Make sure to throw out the mascara after six months of use to avoid eye infection.

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