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Loreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Lipstick

I like this lipstick! It has a lot of qualities that makes a good lipstick. Firstly, it is long lasting and gives you a long wear. The color stays on forever and that is said without any exaggeration. Secondly, it goes on smoothly and glides on your lips. In addition, if you use its clear balm like gel gloss, it gives instant moisture and hydration to your lips. The best thing about the clear gel gloss is you can even wear it with or without the lipcolor. You can reapply the clear gel gloss every now and then if you feel the need for it. Without worries, you can eat and drink and not be concerned about the color fading. Let me tell you, your girlfriends will be amazed at your drinking and eating and seeing zero color coming off! This is just one less worry in life for women!

The way it is supposed to be applied is first you apply the color part of the lipstick. You have to wait till it dries and then apply the clear gel over it. End of the day, you will be able to easily remove the lipstick with a any scrub.

This marvelous lipstick comes in many shades and the color selection is good. My favorite one is 213 Toujours Teaberry but you can find many other colors here.

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