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Nutra Nail care products

I don’t know about you but personally I like to use nail products which do not use ingredients that have impact on my overall health. Just because nail products do not come with any warning labels, doesn’t mean they are not hazardous to our health. Can we find chemical free nail products when most of the brands use dangerous chemicals in their products? Do you know every time we use a nail product, we absorb chemicals which can disturb our hormones? Seriously! The harsh reality is that our bodies absorb chemicals through nail products and it should be a major concern for all of us.

Formaldehyde is commonly used in nail products and is known to be a human carcinogen which simply means it can cause cancer in us. Sadly, you will see this ingredient written on the nail products but without us any warnings. So we have to be our own best advocate and research what we can and what we cannot put in our bodies through even something so seemingly harmless such as nail products.

Toluene can cause damage to the skin as it is widely known to be a skin irritant. The most concerning part is that toluene fumes can affect our nervous system and we can experience dizziness, headaches and our nose, throat and lungs can be affected and irritated.

That alone is a good enough reason to opt out of using the conventional nail products which sadly uses such dangerous ingredients. So are we doomed to ever using any nail products and remain plain Janes.

In this sense, Nutra Nail comes to our rescue and is ahead of the game. Nutra Nail brand specifically do not use formulations which have formaldehyde and toluene. Nutra Nail has wide range of nail care products which are not only safe but they make our nails strong and healthy, even giving us confidence and choice to flaunt color free nails.

Nutra Nail has a lot of products to rave about such as Nutra Nail Naturals Essential Oil Therapy, Nutra Nail Olive Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment, Nutra Nail Naturals Nail Strengthener and others but my favorite one is Nutra Nail Odor Free Non Damaging Polish Remover.

Nutra Nail Odor Free Non Damaging Polish Remover has a unique formulation that is unlike any other conventional polish removers. It does not contain acetone which is very drying for the nails. In fact, it has an oily consistency which moisturizes and conditions the nails. It has no offensive odor and it will not leave you with stinking hands. It is very easy to use, just soak some cotton ball with the remover and place it on your nails for few seconds , voila, all gone! I must point out that it usually takes little longer to remove the polish compare to acetone removers which dissolves the color along with removing any moisture from the nails and skin around it. So little more time in removing with this remover well worth the time in having beautiful nails!

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