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Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

I am in love with this fragrance! Tommy Girl is my favorite scent of all time! It smells floral and fruity. It’s not over powering or overbearing. It doesn't suffocate you. What it exudes is elegance and class in an understated and subtle way. It downplays its presence in you, yet you will be noticed by others for how good you smell.

Tommy Girl is good for casual wearing, preferably during the day. It is perfect for summer times because it has some longevity even in warm weather. Personally I feel it can be worn in spring or heck even in winters because it can be pulled off in any seasons.

Since it is super light, non offensive and gives a down to earth feeling about it, it is office friendly as well. It is a perfume for work because it is a clean, natural and floral scent. If you are planning to go on a casual date and even attending a party, wear it with confidence. It is a scent which has such timeless scent that it fits casual and professional situations very nicely, especially because it has lasting power and without being too loud.

I also like the simplicity of the bottle. It’s nothing like those fancy bottles which look good but do not hold much of anything. It is also a joy to hold it. The design just begs for you to pick it up and apply it.

Top of that, it is very economical fragrance. It’s a steal! It’s a big bottle for the price we pay. Great value! Top of that, you don’t need to spray a lot. Couple of spritzes on your body and you will be smelling so good!

Be ready to receive some attention. It is a fragrance that attracts compliments. You will know you got a winner in hand when you will be asked what you are wearing and someone else wants to wear it too.

It’s a great introductory scent for those of you who are just getting introduced to the world of scents, especially the teenage girls who are thinking of adding some to their collection. It’s a good scent to get introduced to because it’s not too much, yet happy, joyful and fun. It wont be overwhelming you. It would be just enough in every way. The scent is definitely not boring at all. At the same time, it just goes as well for adult women.

Scent is very personal. When I smell it, the rose, lily and jasmine notes are prominent on me. I think it goes on differently on everyone. You can discover which notes flaunt your beauty! Different notes has different affects on our moods and I have found my mood immediately lifted after a spray.

Tommy Girl is a hidden gem among plethora of perfumes out there. I have found this to be masterpiece scent. I can definitely see myself wearing this time and time again; it's not annoying at all.

Always store perfumes in cool dry place.

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