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DKNY Golden Delicious

What a delightful fragrance! The combination of white floral, fruity and underlying scent of wood makes this a unique combination of sophistication and warmth. I smell White Roses, Lilies and Gardenia! This fragrance is classy, modern and feminine. It is sweet and playful, yet it is chic and elegant when you want it to be.

Floral scent hits you at first, but then the depth of wood smell takes over. As a result, the dry down is slightly warmer and more of a woody. For some, the initial burst experience could be sharp and strong! However, when it is allowed to sit for 5 minutes, it opens into a gorgeous warm classy smell. The delicateness of flowers and warmness of wood’s balance is so harmoniously seductive. It is so soft, sensual and graceful!

This is the kind of perfume you can always wear no matter what occasion calls for. It is suitable for office wear because no one can find it offensive as it is classy and possess a lady-like quality to it. It should be a must for any business-woman as well as any young lady exploring independence in life. Reach for this scent even if you want something more intimate – a date, dinner with your special one, a night out with friends, or this scent would make you smell so warm on those cold nights at home in your PJ’s. This is a very uplifting scent that would put you in a good mood even on low days. No matter whatever your reason would be, this scent could make you feel special!

Don’t be surprised or taken back if you find yourself absolutely loving this perfume so much so that you find yourself compulsively smelling and sniffing your arms all day.

The fragrance lasts a long time. It is not strong, but not too light either. It has reasonable sillage and reasonable longevity on skin; probably can last up to 4-6 hours.

One word of caution: Even though a lot of ladies love this scent, unfortunately with some their body chemistry do not agree with this fragrance and as a result, they get headaches and cloying from it.

Overall, DKNY Golden Delicious is one of the most sensual and feminine scents of all times!

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