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Too Tired to remove the makeup at night? Read on.....

No matter how tired you are from your day's activity, you must religiously remove your makeup by the end of the day. It is a cardinal sin if you sleep in your makeup. If only you can see the kind of bacteria festering on your face while you are taking your beauty sleep, it would be scary enough for you to run to your bathroom to wash your face! If not, you are seriously causing damage to your face. During the day, our face puts up with all kinds of assaults from the environment. Therefore, it becomes imperative that by the end of the day, we give care, nourishment and little love to our face. After all we only get one face in our lifetime!

We all are guilty of sleeping with makeup on at one time or other, even though we know that it would cause us pimples, dry, flaky skin and even make our lashes fall out due to clumping of the mascara. The lips can become dry as well. One of the dreading effects can be visibly enlarged and blocked pores all over the nose. You can understand with that piled on makeup, less oxygen would be getting to the skin. Sleeping in makeup forms a barrier over the surface of the skin, hence, there is no chance that normal skin shedding can occur. It would slow down the process of cell renewal and the result would be uneven and dull textured skin.

If you continuously keep this habit of sleeping in makeup, in layman terms, you are aging your skin. You won't notice the changes right away, but slowly your skin would be taking the brunt of this brutality. Long-term avoidance of removing the makeup at nights would age your skin with a permanent damage, making you look years older than your real age. While it is inevitable that our skin deteriorate with age, we don't want to do anything to speed up that process with such preventable, yet bad habits!

Next time you don't feel like washing your face before going to bed, visualize your face 10 years older! That's where we are headed if we don't break this insidious habit. I am sure that would be a motivation enough to pamper your face. It Just takes few minutes to give your face a good clean. You will see less pimples and more evenly toned skin and who knows you may fall in love with your own face!

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