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Breakouts from talking on the phone?

Who would have thought that the harmless act of talking on the phone can even lead to breakouts! I guess there is no justice! Apparently this can happen. If you spend hours talking on the phone, you can develop what we call the phone induced acne or simply phone breakouts! It can develop around the cheeks and jaw area.

Do you know bacteria is lurking on your phone device? Yes, if you do not clean your phone, it can be a powerhouse for all kinds of bacteria. Why does it happen? One of the reasons can be we hold the phone too close to our faces and as a result, sweating on the phone and blocking the pores. If you wear makeup, you would at times notice that the makeup is melted down the phone as well? Yuck! What is worst is if you use office phone which goes in many people's hands and get pressed on many faces!

So what is the solution to this pesky issue? Luckily this doesn't require major changes in our lifestyle, rather adopting simple ways we can keep our breakouts at bay.

1. Start off by cleaning your phone on regular basis. You can use antibacterial wipes or buy a microfiber cloth which is highly recommend to cleaning the cell phone screens. If you are seriously looking for more options, you can go for what they call it the UV cellphone sanitizer.

2. Most importantly, keep your phone away from your face. Simple solution would be to try using headphones as much as possible, talk through speakerphone or better yet use the service of text messaging! If you must talk on the phone, do not press it too hard on the face as it can trap the oils and clog pores.

If you remember these simple guidelines, you can save yourself a lot of frustration and agony that comes out of seeing a new pimple on sight!

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